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Derek Thornton

Geoffrey Stretton reported on May 8:

I have this morning had the sad news that my old friend and ringing colleague Derek Thornton died last night in the Horton General aged 92.

His son Peter, rang early this morning to say he had passed away at around 11.00 last night in Juniper Ward where he had been for the past couple of months recovering  from emphysema.

Derek was taught to ring by Fred Hutt and joined the Guild at Byfield in 1952.  He transferred to Woodford Halse when the bells were restored and he became tower captain in 1977. Derek was the GMC Rep for the Culworth Branch from 1987 -1996 and Vice Chairman from 1998 -2001.  He was elected a Life Hornorary Member of the Guild for outstanding service in 2012.

Geoff further reported on May 14:

I have been asked by Derek's son Peter to pass on the arrangements for his funeral on Friday, May 25.

There will be a service at St. Mary's Church, Woodford Halse at 10.30am followed by a cremation at Banbury Crematorium at 12 noon.

He asks that there should be ringing before and afterwards at the church. My thinking is that the before ring, should be rung predominantly by members of Derek's Thursday ringing group and those likely to go on to the crematorium, allowing other Branch and Guild members to ring after the service.

There will be a reception after the crematorium service at either Peter Thornton's home in Middleton Cheney or possibly at the New Inn.

No black ties please.

Spring Festival on April 28, 2018 hosted by Daventry Branch

For the title of a Spring Festival the weather did not seem to agree, even April showers could not describe the dull wet and cold day especially as we had recently been so spoiled with glorious days only a week before, however as I approached the first church for the afternoon open ringing there was something special about the first Guild meeting for 2018.

St Luke's Church, Kislingbury held its doors open for all to try the 5 bells (Tenor 12cwt) with the ground floor ring. 18 ringers arrived and methods rung varied between call changes to Grandsire. Some members of the Towcester band arrived to warm up before the competition and agreed to ring the bells down which can be said was a blessing as by then many ringers had made the journey over to Flore to secure parking.    

The rain continued as we left behind a lovely church to drive the short journey over to Flore and find All Saints Church, host of the afternoon's competition. Sandwiches in hand and meeting up with many others carrying a variety of plates containing cakes and food items, the walk was made from the car park over to the church. On walking in I was faced with a large and excitable number of ringers, a wonderful gathering and thankfully a warm church. With the modern idea of utilising open spaces within churches Daventry Branch we able to lay out a very pleasing and scrumptious buffet to keep everyone fed and watered throughout the afternoon.

With what looked like a hand-written and swiftly composed ringing list for teams the competition duly began after the rules and announcements were made from Guild Master Simon Dixon.  There were ten teams to ring with two teams pulling out at the last minute. An extremely good turn out and up on numbers from the last two years so an improvement on participation and engagement which can only be seen as positive for all ringing.

Teams, without notice by me and many others despite trying my best to watch out, just seemed to disappear up in to the staircase and on to the tower. It was like they all just disappeared and re-appeared - like magic and the only way to notice was names being ticked off the list with of course the distant sound of bells. Sadly due to the weather it was not really the afternoon to sit outside and listen as had been done on previous years but somehow as the afternoon went on the sound of bells became louder and clearer from inside the church.

Northampton Gold went first and opened the competition followed by Northampton Green - I am yet to establish how the names came about of Gold and Green [hint from Rugby fans - the Black team couldn't make it] but then we saw a team not entered in recent years from Byfield - again a nice sight to see towers bringing forward teams to compete. Heyford Fridays followed - another new name but I could work this one out at least! Pattishall A and B teams followed but split up by Yelvertoft to whom I must say often appear to be the jolliest of all bands I come across. Rushden and Orlingbury brought up the rear with a sigh of relief as I saw Orlingbury return to the church after visiting a local hostelry for Dutch courage.

Teas still being consumed and a sale of old ringing books, guild reports, and of course the tea towels, the afternoon flew by.  The ringing now completed Simon Dixon offered the tower for a few to grab prior to the meeting and results. I have to say I was first up there as having never rung before at Flore. I was accompanied by 12 others including two people I had not seen during the afternoon (later to realise they were the judges!)

With many taking their seats the Guild business meeting was opened by President Geoff Pullin. It was mentioned that two teams entering the competition had brought their Rector with them, an interesting thought here. Counting 72 people present it was a huge turn out, so again well done to Daventry Branch.

A vote of thanks was given by Giles Wilson from Northampton Branch with special thanks offered to Alison Buck and her team of helpers from Daventry Branch and to Brian Foley for arranging the evening use of St Peter and St Paul, Weedon Bec.

Geoff Pullin, continuing to catch up with presenting certificates, presented Hilary Aslett with her Certificate for Life Honorary Membership of the Guild, this one nearly 12 years late. A lovely round of applause was given for Hilary.

Two bell fund grants were agreed by members and the 100 club was drawn with Derek Jones announcing there are now 121 paid up members. Sue Jones announced the next Guild meeting will be the AGM hosted by Thrapston branch, Saturday, June 9, 2018 with the Summer Festival being held at Rothwell on a revised date of September 22, 2018.

At this point Simon Dixon suggested a short intermission to allow time for the judges to complete their results - it was noted that the intermission did not include the offer of ice creams!

Tension built with the wait and murmurs became louder until the judges arrived and were duly introduced by Simon. Emma Cundiff and Stuart Cox from Tunstall in Kent were welcomed by all and with eagerness to hear the results we all quietened to listen.

Stuart gave thanks for the use of a car, stated it was nice to be back in the area and that it was difficult to judge such a long competition - over 2 hours with different methods and in a cold car. He followed this by stating,"there are no points for complexity of methods it is about striking well". He further stated "it was good to see so many teams, and as you can choose your own methods,  play to your strengths". Neither judge had rung here before so straight after the ringing they did admit to going up to the tower and trying the bells, finding with surprise, "how pleasant the ring was".

Emma kindly announced the results with a brief run down for each team. I will list in the order they rang and the points/places awarded as follows:








Northampton Gold

Call Changes

Good at Lead




Northampton Green

Plain Bob Minor

Good Rhythm





Plain Hunt

Kept Going




Heyford Fridays

Call Changes

Took care




Pattishall B


Bits really quite nice






Pleasant Piece




Pattishall A

Call Changes

Little uneven





Cambridge S M







Steady piece





Call Changes

Well struck




With a variety of methods, clear comments and the scores, the winning team was announced to be Towcester. Team Captain Richard Allton, bearing a wide and proud smile, took the Weaver Shield. Congratulations Richard and to your team - well done!

Thanks offered to the judges and gifts presented, well sort of as Simon didn't actually take the gifts out of the carrier bag, but such fun to watch and Simon is certainly comfortable and enjoying his role as Master.

Well it was a good day, a happy result for Towcester and with much noise and shuffling the church emptied with many ringers off to Weedon for the evening Open Ring. I couldn't go so sadly unable to report further but my final look back over the beautiful church at Flore I saw Ian Willgress duly using Henry the Hoover on the carpets and returning the building back to a church.

Well done everyone -it was so good to see everyone have a brilliant day, a lovely atmosphere and for me, well just being back and ringing again after such a long illness and time away. I noticed the increase in numbers attending, the new teams trying competitions and hopefully a sign of further participation from all ringers to Guild events.

Here's to the Summer Festival and of course the AGM - please do attend. Remember we will sadly see our treasurer Alan Marks retire and also remember - it is your Guild, your hobby of ringing and without attending Guild events then we cannot improve, change or create the ringing for the future.

Odette Dawkins

A New Kind of Ringing Organisation

You may already have received a message directly by email from Phillip Barnes, on behalf of the Officers and Shadow Executive of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR). 

For those who have not seen the message, it is available here


The link for signing up as a subscribing member of the new CCCBR (no subs) is avilable here.

Guidelines for Safe Ringing

The consolidated guidelines below were approved for publication by the General Management Committee on March 10, 2018. A copy for printing is available here.


Under Civil Law, individuals have a duty of care while performing any activities that could foreseeably harm others.  If anything goes wrong, it is possible for a claim to be made for damages under Civil Law. For such a claim to succeed, the claimant must show that the defendant breached the duty of reasonable care. 

The Guild holds public and product liability insurance with Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc, policy no. 07/CBP/9100712, which indemnifies officers and members for any legal liability to pay damages up to £2,000,000 for any accidental injury to any person and accidental damage to any material property. Insurers will not refuse to pay a claim if there was a breach of instructions.

The Guild does not hold any personal accident insurance.


The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 applies only to organisations which are employers and to people who are employed.  The Guild is not an employer and has no employees. Requirements under the act, such as the production of risk assessments, are thus not mandatory.  However the Guild recognises that it is good practice to demonstrate a duty of care by providing advice and training for its activities.

Samples of risk assessments for ringing situations are provided on the Guild’s website.

It is recommended that first aid kits be available whenever ringing or bell maintenance is being undertaken.

It is recommended that the best postcode and road name is displayed for use in the event of a 999 call out to guide emergency services to the appropriate door.


The Diocese of Peterborough is implementing ‘The Church of England Practice Guidance:  Safer Recruitment’ throughout the diocese. Each Parochial Church Council has to implement these procedures, including appointing tower captains and other volunteers.  All towers with bells in the diocese, including those under the protection of the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT), will be covered.  Local bands should familiarise themselves with the host tower requirements.

Through the Diocese, the PCC is responsible for obtaining free, DBS (Disclosing and Barring Service) check certificates for those carrying out face to face training of juniors and transporting juniors as a formal arrangement.   A certificate can be used by ringers throughout the Diocese of Peterborough, not only in the initiating parish.

Everyone holding a DBS certificate should undertake safeguarding training and renew every three years. Procedures for this are being set up by the Diocese.

The Guild recommends these minimum guidelines at any ringing event:

  • Children should be accompanied to Guild and Branch ringing events by DBS checked members of their local team or their parents.
  • An attendance list is kept at ringing events.
  • Two members are present, at least one will have a current DBS.
  • Touching should only be that appropriate for teaching and in an emergency.
  • If any ringers have concerns regarding safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults, they need to report it to the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, who will deal appropriately with any reports concerning ringers and will communicate with any parishes on a need to know basis.
  • If there is concern of immediate danger to a child or vulnerable adult, telephone 999 (Police)

A vulnerable adult is a person aged 18 or over, who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of disability, age or illness; and who is or may be unable to take care or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation.  

A child is anyone who is under the age of 18.

Approved GMC 10/3/18

'Ringing Remembers' campaign

I received this message from Vicki Chapman, who is the  Ringing Remembers Project Co-ordinator for the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Representative:

" Hopefully you will have seen the Ringing Remembers update published in March 23, 2018 Ringing World.  However, it would be great if you could spread the word throughout your networks to ensure that all new ringers are registering to be counted towards our target of 1,400 new recruits to join us for ringing on Armistice Day this year. 

The Armistice 100 Ringing Remembers website  is now open.  The website also gives you some information and useful links regarding the Ringing Remembers campaign including some resources to help you with any publicity.  Some Association’s will have already had some leaflets and posters however, I will be sending out more in the coming weeks, especially to those areas that have not yet received any.  If you’ve already had some, but would like some more, please get in touch. 

To register, click on the Register link which then presents a number of options:

  • New Ringer – for those who are completely new, have not contacted a local tower and want to be connected with a teacher, we will then match them up with either an ART teacher, or your Association’s nominated contact;
  • Already Learning – for those that may have gone straight to a local tower and started to learn to ring, in which case please include where;
  • Returning Ringer – for anyone who has come back to ringing after a period of absence, and therefore unlikely to need to be put in touch with a teacher or Association. 

Once they have answered a few simple questions, they will be added to the Armistice 100 database and counted towards our 1,400. 

If you were contacted regarding someone wanting to learn to ring in your area, it would be extremely helpful if you could send us an update of how students that have been passed to you are progressing.  Have they been contacted?  Has a teacher been assigned, if so who? Have they started lessons yet? And even if they’ve decided it’s not for them after all.  That way we can really see how many new recruits will be ready to join us for ringing on Armistice Day. 

During February the Ringing Remembers Facebook page was launched .  

The CCCBR President wrote an introduction/welcome post.  The Big Ideas Twitter account ( has regular Ringing Remembers updates and the hashtag #RingingRemembers is being shared in posts.  Both are useful if you want to spread the word about any taster sessions or recruitment events you might be hosting.  Do please keep me informed and let me know if you need any help advertising your event. 

If you have any peals or quarters planned to mark the anniversary of a WW1 ringers death, please let me know so we can help you mark the occasion and if you need any help with publicity. "

Heritage Open Days 2018

If you are thinking of opening your tower as part of the Heritage Open days, then you can now register your event here.

This year the open days are as usual in September, running from THursday 6 to Sunday 9 and Thursday 13 to Sunday 16.

Stan Ruddlesden

Stan's daughter, Shirley McGill, sadly sent this message to Bridget Paul this morning (March 20)

Hello All 

Just to let you know that Dad died last night. He had been failing for some time so not entirely unexpected.

I am struggling to think who should be informed - I know there are lots of people around who ask after him so please could you let others know? Please would someone ring Ray?

We are having a very small funeral in Bromyard and will have a memorial service at Long Buckby sometime in (probably) May/June.



Shirley writes on 30/3/18:

The cremation service is next Wednesday April 4 at 3pm  at Hereford Crematorium. Whilst we are not expecting anyone to attend (although it is open to anyone), I thought it might be good if a quarter or two could possibly be arranged locally for Wednesday sometime, to coincide with the date at least, if not the time. I noted that some other quarters were dedicated to his memory, which was a lovely thought.

Click here and here for quarter peals and peals rung in memory of Stan.

Stan was born on September 29, 1922.  He was elected as a Life Honorary Member of the Guild on June 11, 1983 for giving outstanding service.  

Shirley writes on 23/4/18: 

 Dad's Memorial Service will be on Wednesday July 11th at 12 noon at St Lawrence's Church, Long Buckby. 

Guild 10-bell practices

The Guild Executive agreed with the Master that the March 10-bell practice will be cancelled as it coincides with the GMC meeting, which occupies a majority of those who usually attend the practice.

Reviewing the attendance and progress, the Master thinks it best to discontinue the practices, except on June 9, which will be arranged and advertised for members to attend on their way to the AGM hosted by the Thrapston Branch.  Instead it is proposed to have 10-bell quarter peals arranged to advance specific ringers and / or methods, with any requests going to the Master.

Thanks to all the towers that have hosted the 10-bell practices and those who have supported them.

Publicity for Bellringing

The CCCBR Public Relations Committee draws our attention to these new leaflets and flyers and encourages the use of these resources in our area:

'Engaging with the Public' Leaflet

Ideas and tips to successfully engage the public with your ringing and associated activities: Easy to use 'mix-and-match' format to help you to put together the ideas which will work for you locally. Available hereProduced by The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR) Public Relations Committee.

Bell Ringing Flyer

Flyers for you to give to members of the public with a section for your tower or association/guild/society details (contacts, ringing times, website, Facebook, etc). Available here in pdf format with provision for you to enter your tower’s information.

Originally produced for Peak 2015 International Scout & Guide Camp and the Derby Diocesan Association, now approved by CCCBR.

Posters and certificates 

that you can use and enter your own details are available here.

Bellringing logo above is available here.


Safeguarding Newsletter and modules C0 and C1

The January Diocesan Safeguarding Newsletter can be read and printed out from here.

To promote awareness of possible safeguarding concerns and to equip people in relevant roles to feel confident to share with the appropriate person training modules C0 & C1 are available online.

For Instructions for C0, please click the link below:



100-Club winners 2018



1st  Prize

2nd Prize



68  PB


120 WB



21 ThB

126 NB



97 CB


65 ThB




102 NB


14 ToB


For details of the 100 Club please click here.

Profit to Bell Fund for 2017 was £664.50

Thank you all members and branch administrators. Derek Jones

Paper Quiz  - London

There were 85 entries, with 9 all correct.

1st     £25.00    Doreen Morrison of Woodford Halse

2nd    £10.00    Mrs J Piggott of Kettering

3rd     £5.00    Thanet Bellringers

Thank you all who supported the Bell Fund by buying a quiz sheet.

The answers are available here.

Frequent wrong responses:

q1    The helicopter sequence near the start of "For Your Eyes Only" and similar productions around that time is Beckton, not Chelsea.

q7    Waltham Cross is not a District of London.

 q9    A rabbit is a coney (or cony), so Coney Hall.

 q25    The pumping station is Crossness, not Stratford.

 q26    Wood Green, not Bluewater.

 q47     Primary colours! R Y B for pigments, R G B for lights and T V. Better if I had said "Take Red and Amber from Traffic Lights and it ...... .....

 q57    Barbican is a defensive gateway.

 q59    MI6 is at Vauxhall.

 q61   The Blues (Chelsea) play in Fulham!

 q75    Pearly Kings and  Queens sounds like Purley. The question should have said "sounds like", so Hoxton (one of the districts where they are found) was allowed and a better answer.

 q83    Question should have said UK not Europe for second tallest building. Tallest is the Shard, second is 1, Canada Square, so the District is Canary Wharf.

 q92    I was pleased that so many got this correct. Thameslink is not a District, and Marylebone is diesel. Farringdon is the place.

The next paper quiz (September 2018) will be Bridges, Viaducts and Aqueducts of Britain. Derek Jones


Howard Oglesby 

His wife, Frances, sadly reports that "Howard died yesterday (December 17) morning, very peacefully, with our daughters and myself with him".  He was 79 years old. The funeral took place at St Peter's Church, Brackley on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at 11am.  Ringing was organised by Phil Curtis.

Howard joined the Guild as a member for Brackley in 2010 and was branch independent examiner 2011-3.  They moved into the area from Sunningdale. Howard had rung several peals, including two for the Zipper Society and quarter peals at the Curfew Tower, Windsor. Click here for a quarter peal rung for Howard.  GHP

Harold Thompson

Harold had been suffering with ill health for a number of months but on November 29 he was taken to A&E, Northampton and died in the early hours of December 2.  His funeral took place on Friday, December 22 at 1.30pm at Mid Warwickshire Crematorium, Oakley Wood.  

Harold was born on October 30, 1934 and moved to Braunston, Northants from Southall in 1969. He learned to ring and was elected a Guild member for Welton in 1998.  When Richard Hartley was elected Daventry Branch Steward in 2005, Harold assisted Richard in restoring the four branch unringables by working regular weekly sessions over a few years including using his carpentry skills to repair and rebuild bell wheels.  Before and after that, Harold had assisted with the restoration of several rings across the Diocese, including locally Everdon, Long Buckby, Charwelton.

He was tower captain at Welton from 2007 and was sacristan until he gave up last month  when he decided that he was not stable enough to safely carry out the duties.

Harold’s ringing repertoire was not wide and his style unique, but he was a keen supporter of the Daventry Branch and would often be early at meetings ready to raise the bells.  Welton hosted the November 2017 branch meeting. In recent years, he has supported Tuesday morning ringing sessions at Hellidon and checked that the altar was dressed in the appropriate colour!  He last rang in July and his last visit, for coffee, was on November 28.

Click here to see quarter peals rung for Harold.  GHP

Funds for CCCBR

The CCCBR Public Relations Committee reports that Ecclesiastical Insurance is running a scheme where charities can win £1,000.  CCCBR has worked with them recently to promote its communities project so can enter the draw.

Please help the chance of winning the £1,000 by completing the nomination form at https://www.ecclesiastical. com/12-days/index.aspx , quoting "Central Council of Church Bell Ringers" and its registered charity number 270036.  The deadline is Tuesday, December 5 2017.

Well done us!

Thank you for participating in our 12 Days of Giving.  We’ve had a fantastic response with over 27,500 nominations. I am pleased to announce that your chosen charity, Central Council of Church Bell Ringers , has been picked in today’s draw and they will receive £1,000. Adrian Saunders, Commercial Director, Ecclesiastical Insurance; 8/12/17.

Better bell handling posters

The CCCBR Education Committee is offering A3 size posters suitable for belfry walls showing

  • Typical Skilled Bell Handling and
  • Typical Incorrect Movements 

Please click here for details and how to order.

Ringing for Peace - Armisitice 100

Caroline Stockmann, Central Council Public Relations Officer, has written about plans for marking Remembrance Day 2018 - the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War. The full article as published in The Ringing World is available here and is summarised below:

More than 1,400 of the bell ringing community laid down their lives in World War 1.  Fallen bell ringers came from all walks of life, as we do today and we are all united in wanting to ring out a message of peace.

Here are a number of things CCCBR are suggesting:

 On Sunday, November 11, 2018 as much bell ringing as possible! Half-muffled ringing in the morning, and open in the afternoon and evening

 government departments would like to work with us in an official capacity; in particular they support the idea of recruiting new ringers - recruit 1400 ringers, the same number as those who fell in the Great War.

 ringers will need to coordinate with their Church and work together on making the day very special.

 ideas for ringing on the day vary from ‘whole pull and stand except the tenor’, ringing appropriately-named methods such as Ypres and Gallipoli Surprise Major; please send in ideas to share

 ring 1400 quarter peals around the date (one for each of the fallen) with an 'event' on BellBoard and issue of certificates

 take part in the large-scale British project, ‘Battle’s Over – A Nation’s Tribute’. Pipers will be piping in the morning, bugles sounding and 1,000 beacons lit across the UK in the evening. Get 1,000 towers to ring at 7.05pm on the day.

 consider a community lunch or social between ringing, – why not make this a really special day for your whole ringing (and broader) community?

ALSO check your muffles, and order more NOW so that you’re not caught short!

Ernest Kellett

Sue Webster writes: I have been requested, on behalf of Val Kellett, to share this sad news with you all. 

Ernest Kellett died peacefully at Rutland Care Village on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, aged 88 (21.8.1929), after a short illness.

Ernest became an unattached member of the Rutland Branch in 2002 and was branch secretary for 2002 and 2003. He had been a founder member of the South Notts District of the Southwell & Nottingham Guild and its chairman in 1979 and 1980.

The funeral took place at Market Overton on October 17. See quarter peals here and here.

The eulogy given at the funeral:

Ernest Kellett has passed away and his friends will mourn his death for he was such a gentleman.

He had a brilliant mind and his intelligence shone out of him but he was so modest. He never spoke about his successes of the past and his quiet, gentle demeanour made him very relaxing company. He was always friendly and unfailingly courteous with an olde worldly charm. His ready smile and lively interest in all he came into contact with endeared him to friends and strangers alike. He will be missed.

Ernest was born in Bradford in 1929, and attended Carlton High School in that city. He then obtained his BSc (London), studying at Bradford Technical College. He joined GEC as a research scientist, being loaned to government labs in Harlow, Essex for his first two years.

In 1953 he married Val. Their partnership lasted 64 years and was one that many would envy for they were a couple who really enjoyed each other’s company and were rarely apart. They enjoyed games and their house and garden. Val is a brilliant cook and they enjoyed shopping for ingredients.

Following their marriage, Ernest returned to the GEC labs in Wembley to work in X-Ray crystallography. Ernest and Val made their home in Wembley for the next 20 years. In 1972 he was awarded an external PhD in physics by London University, having studied within GEC.

In 1973 they moved to Nottingham where Ernest was deputy director in research for the hosiery and knitting industry. They moved again to the Sheffield area, where Ernest served as Director of Research for the glass industry and retired in 1987.

Ernest was still was doing his crosswords until the day before he died.

Bell ringing was what made them tick. Ernest heard the bells on Doncaster station and thought it sounded great and resolved to acquire that skill. They were taught by George Dawson, tower captain at St Mary’s Nottingham, when they lived in Willoughby on the Wolds where Ernest was church warden.

He eventually became Chairman of the South Notts district of the Southwell guild of bellringers. They continued ringing after they moved to Yorkshire, living in the village of Hoyland Swaine near Barnsley, and ringing first at Hoyland Swaine and later at Kirkheaton near Huddersfield. Ernest had been church warden at Hoyland Swaine and parish secretary at Penistone.

In 2001 they moved to Market Overton where they lived to this day. Again they continued ringing, and Ernest became the secretary of the Rutland Branch of the Peterborough Diocesan Guild.

Competent and respected he gave great service to the church with his dedicated service to the world of ringing.   Thanks to the Rutland Branch website.

CCCBR Reform - latest messages

See the latest details here.  (1/12/17)

Paul Phillips

Sue Webster reports:

It is with sadness that the death of Paul Phillips of Whissendine is announced.  There are no other details other than he passed away peacefully this morning [17/7/17]. He will be missed by all that knew him and rang with him.

Paul joined the Guild in the Rutland Branch in 1984, was on the branch committee from 1986 and chairman from 1989 until 2002. He continued to attend the Guild Management Committee as the branch’s elected representative until 2011. Paul rang three peals for the Guild and about 12 quarter peals. He was 72 years old. Paul was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer only a few weeks ago, and his health had deteriorated rapidly since then. Paul was a very long-standing and active member of Whissendine Church, as tower captain and choir member among other roles, and he will be greatly missed.

After a private cremation at Grantham Crematorium, a service to celebrate Paul's life was held at Whissendine on Monday, August 7 with ringing for the service and afterwards.

The Rutland Times of July 27 reported: Family flowers only, donations if desired to be shared between the Rutland Historic Churches Preservation Trust and Whissendine Parish Church c/o E M Dorman Funeral Directors, Beechcroft, 69 High Street East, Uppingham, Rutland, LE15 9PY. Telephone 01572 823976.


Summer Festival 2017

Northampton Branch made a very special effort to put the festival spirit back into the Summer Festival.  The programme started with a quarter peal at All Saints intended to have a ringer from each of our ten branches. In the event the quarter peal of Plain Bob Caters was rung with the Master standing in for the Culworth Branch. It was the first on ten for the Rutland Branch representative.

The quarter peal band: l to r: Louis Totaro (7 Rutland), Robin Hickmott (8 Northampton), Brian Foley (10 Daventry), Sarah Bence (1 Kettering), Susan Marsden (2 Peterborough), Simon Dixon (6 conductor, Guild Master representing Culworth) , Ted Buckby (3 Thrapston), Alistair Donaldson (9 Guilsborough), Kevan Chapman (4 Wellingborough), John Pardoe (5 Towcester).  Photos by Robin Hickmott.  

100 people gravitating to St Giles Church Hall to hear the 8-bell inter-branch striking competition in progress on the back 8 bells and to look around the stalls and demonstrations before tucking in to the fine buffet tea provided and served with enthusiasm by the Northampton Branch.

The business included agreement to three Bell Fund grants: renewal of £3,200 to Wilbarston, £55.20 to Great Addington and £550 to Nether Heyford. The 100-club draw awarded £60 to no 118 (northampton Branch) and £30 to no 43 and £12 to 78 (both Peterborough Branch).  The judges, Sally and Richard Brown were finally found and introduced by the Guild Master Simon Dixon.  They provided a commentary on each team and gave the faults in reverse order:


7th        Guilsborough         Grandsire Triples     peal speed 3:44          120

6th        Wellingborough    Grandsire Triples                          3:32           64

5th        Peterborough        Plain Bob Triples                          3:22           58

4th        Kettering              Call changes                                3:35           48.5

3rd        Northampton        Plain Bob Triples                          3:27           43

2nd       Daventry            Grandsire Triples                          3:27           34.5

1st        Towcester                Grandsire Triples                          3:24           29.5


The Towcester Branch winning team:  l to r: Catherine Stanworth,  John Stanworth, Richard Allton, Richard Yates, Michael Tinsley, Margaret and Chris Bulleid, Andrew Spencer

So Daventry were displaced after a three year run by Towcester.  Richard Yates was presented with the Harry Wooding Memorial trophy comprising a scale model of a bell in a timber frame.

All Saints bells were open for general ringing until 7pm after which a large contingent descended Bridge Street to the Albion Brewery Bar, the designated venue. Thanks for the magnificent organisation were proposed by Alistair Donaldson and greatly acclaimed.



Ridgman Trophy 2017

Seven teams met on Saturday, June 17 in the sweltering heat at the invitation of the Cambridge University Society at Great St Mary, Cambridge.  The striking competition is on ten bells between the East Anglian societies.  The report and results are available here.


Guild AGM 2017 - brief report

The Guilsborough Branch hosted the Annual General Meeting on Saturday, June 10. Ringing at Spratton and Haselbech was followed by a service touch, before  Vicar and member, the Revd. Janet Donaldson took our service at Welford. 

After a splendid tea in the Community Centre, the routine stuff of the meeting surrounded a highlight or two.  David Westerman, a stalwart of the host branch and Guild CCCBR rep was elected as a Life Honorary Member (LHM) for giving outstanding service and presented with a certificate by the President.  David and Pat Teall of the Peterborough Branch were also elected.  

Cecil Swann of the Northampton Branch was belatedly presented with his certificate exactly 11 years after he was elected. Unfortunately none of the five members due for a fifty year membership certificate were present. (Diane Buckby, Brian Chapman, Marilyn Jenner, Colin McCall, and Chris Stephenson) 

The President thanked Andy Timms for his work as Master.  Andy had indicated that he was not standing again, so Simon Dixon was duly elected as Master. We were warned that the Independent Examiner may not be able to act again in 2018.  Then as the newest of our CCCBR reps, Simon Dixon, gave a report on the meeting in Edinburgh and asked that any comments on the CRAG report and the way forward be passed to him and his three CCCBR colleagues.

There was discussion on the survey and format of the Guild ten-bell practices with the Master and Executive given food for pondering, but hopefully not indigestion! Safeguarding  and signing-in at practices were raised and the Executive promised to provide guidelines gained from  a recent meeting with the Assistant Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, to whom any suspicions of child abuse can be reported directly by ringers.

Welford’s eight bells were kept busy afterwards for a couple of hours with Simon exercising authority over certain individuals that he had been waiting to do for a few decades!  GHP



ART Workshops

At the ART Conference in March, ART announced the development of training workshops in number of subjects.

There are many good training sessions that take place throughout the country, but so often the trainer has to develop their own materials causing a huge duplication of effort. ART is keen to have a repository of good materials and have ‘off the shelf workshops’ available for use to encourage more workshop training in new areas using the best materials and teaching. This may help avoid so many people reinventing the wheel.  Many of these will have to be capable of variation to allow for audiences of different experience levels.

Each workshop uses a combination of presentations and practical work. Currently handouts are handled by email but deletes on the workshops will get access to SmART Ringer in due course to view all handouts and other relevant information.

All workshops will be advertised via the ART web site and already a number of successful pilot workshops have taken place.

Currently the following workshops are available – full details are at 

·     Calling Bob Doubles – basic level bob calling for the aspiring conductor

·       Conducting – this focusses on Bob Minor but includes coursing order, transposition etc.

·    Mentor development -  aims to increase the awareness of the mentoring process 

·         Bell Maintenance – A full day’s workshop to understand what basic maintenance a bell installation needs.

·         Simulator Awareness - designed for people with limited or no knowledge of simulators it explains the various sensor systems and software available .

·         Listen & Strike - helps develop listening skills and rhythm, leading to a reduced reliance on looking and better striking.

·         Tower Leadership - covers stakeholder management, leading the team, good practice and performance. Theory sessions augmented with lots of discussion. (Produced in conjunction with CCCBR).

Other workshops are being developed and we would welcome good additional materials for existing workshops and ideas and assistance with new ones.

These workshops will be run on a regional/local basis and we need to hear not just from people who would like to arrange a course but those who are prepared to run them. Workshop leaders clearly need to have knowledge of their subject as well as good communication skills and the ability to present well using Power Point.  (Mileage expenses are paid to appointed workshop leaders).

So if you need workshop training or could run one – get in touch!

Graham Nabb  ART


Recruitment Power Point Presentations

You may know that the Central Council Public Relations Committee, with help from other ringers, has been working for some time on a set of PowerPoint presentations that ringers can use to explain our wonderful hobby to others.  This is something that we have often been asked for so we believe that many ringers will find these really useful.  The first set is now available on the Council’s website here

You will see that they include speaking notes and cover

·      A general overview of ringing

·        A presentation to those particularly interested in the science & mathematics or it all

·        A presentation for those interested particularly in history

·        A ‘recruitment’ presentation 

Still to come in the future are:

·        A template for bell restoration funding applications

·        A recruitment presentation for youth

·        A ‘tower leaflet’ with generic content as well as areas for specifics for your tower an aid to help create your own leaflet if you don’t have one. 

And did you know that you can now subscribe to the Council’s website so that you get automatic notification of new items?  Sign up here 

Kate Flavell   Public Relations Officer     Central Council of Church Bell Ringers


ART WORKS Newsletters

The latest ART WORKS magazines from the Association of Ringing Teachers can be found hereART

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